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Comment Re:While its not my cup of tea (Score 1) 335

Mr Garfield's sex life does not involve subjugation of women generally.

This seems to be where things went wrong. If someone's beliefs did extend to the way they treat people in real life, like say they had a religious conviction that women were inferior and simply ignored them when they tried to contribute, it would be a problem. But in this case it's a private fantasy that doesn't seem to have affected the guy's professional interactions.

It's no different from lots of other panics over "potential" issues that don't actually arise. Guy/trans people in locker rooms or the military, that kind of thing.

Comment Re:Adjust your vm (Score 1) 7

I tried Ubuntu in a VM, wouldn't even boot. I think I'm going to have to try it on real hardware. Mint too. But I'll give your suggestions a go first. USB 3 and maybe UEFI should avoid lots of legacy issues.

How your eye gets better. I'm having vision problems too and it sucks not being able to see well.

Comment Re:Is it news? (Score 1) 182

Even if the US did abandon it in 2024, large chunks including the core modules are Russian and would likely be detached and re-used. Jettison the US bits and build a new station around what's left, including modules from any other countries that are still interested (e.g. Japan). Probably with Chinese involvement.

The US should keep it going though. It will be useful when trying to get to Mars. A great platform for running zero-G experiments and simulations to assist the Mars crew when problems arise. It seems reasonable to assume that as access to space gets cheaper so will the running costs... If they don't, going to Mars is probably not an option anyway.

Comment Re:ChromeOS (Score 1) 449

Nostradamus was just guessing and you have to really reach to interpret his predictions as having been right. Verne was an SF writer, and yeah, SF writers are often quite visionary and right about stuff, but he was also wrong about a lot of stuff too.

RMS is not just right sometimes, he made very specific predictions and very few have proven to be wrong or in need to outlandish interpretations.

Comment Re:Scapegoating (Score 1) 353

Read that message, sent 2 minutes before the attack, by someone not even on their radar at the time... They just want to read it after the fact in order to see who it was sent to and if it incriminates them.

What we have now is as good as it can ever reasonably be. You can't stop ever terrorist, especially when they use a car or knife as their weapon. What we can do is protect our freedoms.

Comment Re:suure (Score 1) 333

Friend of a friend got hit with an unwanted Windows 10 upgrade. Tried it for a while on the advice of Microsoft who said it was "better", but hated it. Lots of stuff didn't work. Asked my friend about reverting it because he didn't want to make things worse. By the time the friend gets there it's past the 1 month grace period and the old OS has been deleted.

Comment Re:You may need to install extra vm software (Score 1) 3

To be fair, updates are about 500x faster than Windows. It takes a few seconds to check and most of the updates install without a reboot. It's actually really great, apart from that one message I had.

I'm using VMWare because I've never been able to get USB working properly on VirtualBox (Windows host). Ubuntu seems like the next one to try.

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